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Default computer freeze. why?

the computer is from 2010 from prebuild acer. powered parts added myself.

this computer been active since i got it. it been power up almost 24/7. 5 month shut down 2min. 7 month shut down for 4min. 12 month shut down for 2min. you get the idea. hardly shut down.

now sudden it have problems. i heard weird pattern noise from the computer... like highhhh lowwwww highhhhh lowwww but the noise is quite low. just weird pattern. then the display sudden black out. i move my mouse and the screen wont come up. after a min it come sup with an error message pop up saying

"display driver recovered from an error" something like that

then after i been getting constant lock-ups. the whole computer froze. cant even alt tab delete. had to hard reboot. boot up again and 20min lock up again. weird stuff. it never happen like this before.

i did not added any hardware in the past 12 months. i did installed AVG like 2 months ago.

i dont even want to power up the computer anymore afraid to mess up the whole computer due to too many hard reboot.

i cleaned the dust inside. it dont even have many dust.

if its the graphic card..... i dont even game for the past 2 years. quit pc gaming. boring pc games. i got 8800 gts 512mb. i hardly do intense work on this card.... when i first got the card i dont even game on it much.

i do video edit normally. like almost everyday. but that shouldnt be hard weight on the card.

i browse multiple sites at once.... like 5,6,7,8,9 tabs opened and sometimes without close.... left it on 24/7 but even when i just boot the computer and open nothing. let it idle..... for 30min....... come back....... and it freeze. weird stuff.

ram sticks and such sits nice and tight on its slot.

i jut notice my keyboard light is glowing when the computer is turned off...... and not to mention i have spilled a bit of coffee on the keyboard...... so posible that the melfuction keyboard can bring the whole machine down? and ia it normal for the keyboard light to glow when the computer is turned off?

8800 gts 512mb non overclock
3gb ram non overclock. 2x 1gb corsair/ 2x 512mb stock
500gb western digital green
zumax x2 500 watt psu
vista 32bit

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