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Originally Posted by Generic User #2 View Post
I'm not a raid person and will likely never be, but I'm still curious.

what do you mean by 'connect'? Are you referring to internal SATA connections? If so, what if your motherboard has 6 SATA ports (lets just say there's no raid card) and they're all being used for a raid 0 array? do you have to externally connect a drive, copy the raid data over, remove the old drives, plug in 6 new drives, initialize the array, and copy the data from the external to the new array? if so, seems like a pain in the ass to get enough external drives to hold an entire raid array.

also, do all raided drives have to be on the same controller chip? as in, you can't split your drives between the asmedia sata ports and the intel chipset ports.

The big issue with RAID 0 is that it spans your data across EVERY drive used. Where RAID 1 mirrors it across the drives and in the event a drive fails or has issues you can just swap the single drive.
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