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Alright ill start messing with the vcore, and as for the cpu reseating, i might do it tomorrow, but then again, where im living, its not really that cold, it was 70F the other day.

Edit: I'm not going to lie/hide it. Honestly , i cannot fully remember the @100% load temps for my stock cpu. I was saying 60c as a safe limit. I know this is crucial, but i dont normally check temps while in game. Usually like a minute afterwards. I never had any problems gaming though.

edit 2: I don't know why, hopefully this isn't a huge problem, but i went straight ahead from 1.28 to 1.24. Prime 95 crashed within 30 seconds but no blue screens. I went to 1.25v and temps were at 65c average on cores 1, 3, 4, but 75 on core 2. I dont know if this is odd. Unfortunately, however, i got a BSOD within 5 minutes. I read online that code 3b suggests to increase the vcore. Should i got to 1.26v? I might reapply thermal paste tomorrow. Is 60-80c in prime95 bad, good, or normal? thank you so much guys!

Prime95 test @4.5ghz vcore 1.26v no crash for 10 minutes. Max temps 67, 81, 76, 70. I read ivy bridge can run a bit high at times? Is this is a stable overclock? :D I'm starting to get the hang of this i think.

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