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I have Sabertooth 990FX rev. 1 / 1100T combo and can get 1866MHz, but have to OC w FSB. With the FSB @ 200, the highest memory freq option is 1600MHz. ( I have 4x4GB)

It sounds like you have your FSB @ 232? The main thing you want to consider for your ram to run @ 1866 is to have your NB @ 2800+ MHz, so change your FSB to 236 and select Mem Freq 1888MHz, NB Freq 2832 MHz, select HT Link 1888MHz. You may want to increase your CPU/NB voltage to run 2800MHz ( I have mine @ 1.35v). Reboot and let me know.

Oh yeah, you'll have to go to DRAM timings and manually set your ram timings (9-10-9-28-?? 2T for your ram I think)
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