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My System Specs


Also grabbed it on the steam sale, it's not really stuttering, but I do notice quite a fps drop when enabling MSAA on my 560Ti at 1920x1080. That and changin the SSAO to anythign else slows it down a bit and doesn't improve much to my eyes. Like was said, post effects does slow things down too.
Does the pre frame-rendering setting have much an effect for everyone? I think mine was set to 1.

I do think it looks pretty, but the in game map needs alot of work, and some menus need tweaking. The minimap looks like they stole it from GTA3. But for them to add the FOV slider almost makes up for everything else.

I won't say GOTY, haven't seen enough yet, the crafting aspect seems ok, I feel more like a hunter than a vacationing jock now. Only put about 6hrs into it, but I look forward to friday and stalking down some more animals.

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