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Originally Posted by vinister View Post
Oh man, as much as I love this site... I have to say, you guys are making a big stink out of a single image which will be completely forgotten in a matter of days.
Let's clear a few things up here since I think you are reading this situation wrong.

#1: We DID NOT bring it up. Members on this site brought it to our attention after which I asked them to NOT post anything since i had not even contacted 3DGameman about it. Thus proving that we wanted to keep this behind the scenes.

#2: Once we contacted 3DGameman he REFUSED to take the image down or reinsert our watermark. This point is important: he removed our identifying markings.

#3: We were never the ones to post about it ANYWHERE. Capt. Vortex made the first post here and OCPulse picked it up as a news item. Before we knew it, the story was all over the internet.

#4: Naturally, once the story hit mainstream media we needed to address it publically which is why I posted in this thread...what? Nearly two hours after the original post.

We made our position clear, we gave 3DGameman a chance and we never launched a personal atack on his site or him as a person.

All in all, I fail to see how WE raised a big stink about this.......