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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Rollergold View Post
Everything looks good but I have a few suggestions though.
  • If you were to use a GTX 670 instead of the 680 you would still get great 1080p performance at a better price.
  • Personally I find the SP120 High Performance fans much too loud for the temps I get out of them. I would go with 2 Gentle Typhoon 1850's or if your ok with their interesting colour scheme 2 Noctua NF-F12's. If your fine with the extra noise have at it, I myself can't stand the amount of noise they make even with the low noise adapters
  • I also suggest the Asus VH326H over the Dell's as depending on where you get them from, they are either cheaper or the same price + the Asus's have more connections then the Dell's.
Other then that you got a good build plan going.
The GTX 670 is only $50 cheaper than the 680, My mindset is if I'm going to spend over $400 on a graphics card I might as well go for the highest end card, It just makes more sense. Along with the added benefit of better performance (If only by 10-20FPS). Thanks for the input, though. I just can't see paying $410 for a card when I could spend $460 and get the 680.
As for the gentle typhoons, the grey/black is perfect in terms of colour. Noctua.. not so much, I have a nice window in my case to show off the nice..clean..lit-up..colour matched interior...
I'll switch to the gentle typhoons, They push ~the same amount of air, apparently, thanks!

The ASUS monitor.. at my main supplier is a bit more expensive, too much so to warrant the choice.
And newegg (My go-to "The other place doesn't have it" store), the model number doesn't bring up a result.

Thanks for all the input! ~edit~ The gentle typhoons are cheaper too!
"what's that black fan at the back of the case for? I never see it on."
"Well it's REALLY loud, but it's 5500 RPM and moves a TON of air."
"Why do you have it though?"
"Well... It's the "Oh s**t!" fan."
"What do you mean?"
"Well what do you say when your graphics card hits 90c?"
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