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My System Specs


Thanks guys. I appreciate the replies after the thread was 'dead'.
I am building an X79 System and will be using a MASSIVE fan-less rad.
Yup, this info will finally be put to use for more than intellectual interest.
^Build Thread. I have put the water cooling on hold until I learn more. I hope use water cooling soon, but I figure since I am spending a large amount of money (to me) on this build I should REALLY learn more about water cooling first.

Originally Posted by KaptCrunch View Post
mattydies caution some of then trans rads, condensors/evap, are made out of alu so that be a mix metal loop
What is the concern of a mix metal loop? Something to do with electrolysis? (this is the main concern why I am learning more before buying the H2O parts).

Originally Posted by GoatHornz View Post
I know there is an HTPC that is sold with a case that acts as a heat-sink, mind you it only comes with an i3. Check the link.

Fanless HTPC

Now if you are interested in building a true water-cooling system that is fan-less, you still get noise from HDD's, BR-Drives, Wine from PSU and so forth. But on the cheep you could find a bunch of old freezers or air conditioners and chop out the condensers/evap. Again watch out for mixed metals. There are a few chemistry experiments that you can do to test for different metals, check out YouTube... Also when using coils form refrigeration units make sure you clean it out good, because they have a small amount of oil in them that lubricates the compressor.

EDIT: Whoops old thread My Bad, Anyways hope you got what you needed from the thread here on Hardware Canucks.
Thanks for the link. I will read that article tomorrow as I should be in bed soon.
Again what is the reason for the concern of mixed metals?
What is the concern is several drops of PAG oil (which AC systems usually use now aways) gets in with the coolant or water? I am finally building this so your timing was actually SUPERB

Yes I am well aware of the other noises. This is why I bought noctua 120 fans and a fan controller. And why my bathroom fan cost me $200 - inline, near silent. I must be getting older to enjoy quiet so much! I was running 2 Raptor 74's which seemed noisier than 4 Raptor 160's (which I used recently). The 160's were made for Dell and HP only, so perhaps they were tuned to be a touch quieter, or simply newer and improved.

Originally Posted by Hooded View Post
Or you could just order a Gigant radiator that is large enough to do passive cooling.
Aqua Computer Webshop - airplex GIGANT 1680, Aluminium-Lamellen 33301
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