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Default Hooded's CM Storm Stryker

Hooded's Stryker
Welcome to my build log. Hopefully there will be some good pictures, modders porn, for some and a little humor at times. Although I'm not much at jokes, I do manage to get the odd one in there.
So I won this CM Storm Stryker in the only Canadian Watercooling store Daz Mode's, monthly give away draw. You get entered when making a purchase. I won the Novmember draw.
Parts List

Computer Hardware.
  1. CM Storm Styker
  2. Intel i7-970 Hex Core @3.2GHz
  3. Asus P6X58D Premium mainboard
  4. A set of Asus Geforce GTX 560Ti 448 Cuda cores 1GB DDR5 for SLI setup.
  5. 24GB of Kingston Hyper X 1866 DDR3
  6. M4 Curcial SSD 128GB
  7. OCZ Vertex 2 SSD 120GB
  8. Seasonic Platium Series 860 watt
Water Cooling Hardware.
  1. Two D5 Lainge Pumps (DazMode Storm D5 Strong 8-24v )
  2. EKWB, EK-D5 Dual TOP G - Black Acetal
  3. Koolance, Dual 24V Pump Controller
  4. Koolance, Radiator, 3x120mm 30-FPI Copper
  5. EKWB, EK-CoolStream RAD XT (240)
  6. EKWB, EK-CoolStream RAD XTX (240)
  7. EKWB, EK-FC580 DCII - Acetal+EN (Nickel)- 1 in hand and 1 on order
  8. Bitspower, Reservoir Z-Multi 250 (POM Version)
  9. Bitspower, CPU Block Summit EF (Intel) (Acrylic Top Version)
  10. Bitspower, Universal RAM Module Water Cooling Set For 6 Banks 6-DIMMs
  11. Various Bitspower Silver Shining angled adapters, spacers, valves
  12. The Feser Company, 3/8" x 5/8" Compression Fittings.
  13. The Feser Company, 5 - Triberwerk 120mm x 120mm x 55mm, 62cfm @ 21dba fans
  14. G-Vans Legion-V2 fan controller
Currently undecided options
Fluid and Tubing colour.
Who know's what else may appear durring the build.
I have a load of blue and white LED's, MDPC White, Black and Blue Magic sleeving to choose from.
This case will be under going several mods to get everything in, and looking good.
I have this picture in my head of how everything will fit in.
So will be a bit of a test of my space relations aptitude :).
This will be mainly white, not sure if I'll use black or blue as the highlight colour. Or should I use both?
For fuild I have a bottle and a ½ of Ice Dragon Nano fuild but may just use a transparent blue fuild.
Oh ya blue is my favorite colour so don't be surprized to see that colour in the build.
Plus it works with the blue heatsinks on the mainboard.

Stripped this sucker down so we could get a loook under the hood.
So these handles will need tobe removed reworked and remounted. They are in the way of my 360 rad. The small handle at the back will only be removed to allow easy drilling for the rads port holes.

The rats nest that is a sleeving night mare and a cable management horror.

figuring out what to do with that USB3 cable. h'mmmm

First mod has started , placement of the Koolance 360

Hard to see from this angle, but the rad has been offest 20mm closer to the widow side of the case to allow more space between the fans and the mainboard.
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