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If they are in Raid 0, and a drive is failing you had best copy everything you want to save off that array immediately. RAID 0 is not really RAID (ie redundant) and any drive failure is non-recoverable and will lose all data in the array.

If you want to continue using such an array, connect the two new drives, create a new RAID 0 array and copy the contents of the old array to the new one. You can then disconnect/repurpose/etc the drives from the original array.

My recommendation would have been to pick up two 1TB drives and put them in RAID 1 for storage space. I never recommend RAID 0 for anything. The slight speed increase is not enough to compensate for the increased risk of data loss and downtime should a drive fail.

Of course RAID is not a substitute for backups regardless of RAID level.
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