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Originally Posted by tt74Rocky View Post
Yes! I already have a usb 3.0 500gb laying around :)

the 700w was cheaper than any 600w i found so i figured i would take this one the reviews i read all said it was good quality... freeloader1969/anyone any reason i should switch psu?
The 700w you have listed is a decent PSU but only has 1 PCI-E connector (1x2) for one video card. The XFX PSU I listed is made by Seasonic (the best in the industry IMHO) and has 2 PCI-E connectors (2x2) for a second video card and a 5 year warranty. The Corsair 650 has a 5 year warranty vs 3 years on the GS700. Just thinking ahead if you ever decide to Crossfire video cards or for warranty purposes.
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