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My System Specs


IIRC consumer level Kepler cards aren't supported by Premiere - you'll need to buy something older like a 470/570/580 or dish out the dough for a workstation card. I don't believe 6xx series consumer cards will ever get support due to architecture and marketing limitations.

A 4x8 or 2x8 memory kit will be a far better investment considering RAM prices have gone as low as they will for the foreseeable future. (manufacturers will be cutting down production in hopes of keeping prices stable or pushing them back up)

Even if you overclock everything an 850W PSU will be completely overkill. I would look into a higher end lower wattage/higher efficiency unit. (not that the Corsair isn't good) Some of the new lower wattage Seasonics should be in a similar/slightly lower price bracket. Antec also has some Platinum units that are pretty good in terms of price/quality.
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