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My System Specs


Ya have both of your options, your better off the way u went. My main problem is the pheobus and microphones and have treid lots of headsets believe me not just my 360's, have the rog asus ones the 350'senns, the tiamat's 7.1 all suck in ts3 with the pheobus sound card. Even went so far as to start buying pro audio mics usb ones, blue snowballs ect. ect. Nw the tiamats are cool but as others have said before true stereo sound on an open sound stage is the way to go in gaming. I think u would have to move to beyerdynamic to see a change from your sens...Am still playing with my audio-technica's (ath ad700) would love to get a good mic for them as their sound stage is wicked in for me the fit is cool, never had a hp feel so light on my head. My son inherited my stx, been considering getting another. Also may borrow his blue yeti he got for x-mas. He's running a set of hd555's and the yeti for gaming on an stx...
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