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I honestly don't see how building one would be "time consuming".
Pitch this to your boss:

Basic mATX board (with PCI-E) with bottom of the line CPU :$200
1GB RAM: $20
80GB OS Drive: $60
3Ware 9690SA-4I plus a breakout cable: $400
4x 1TB HDD of your choice: $200 per (an arbitrary price, since I don't know if you plan on using RAID enabled drives)
Case: $100
PSU: $100

Total cost: $1680

Might be a little more if you want rackmount.
Oh and the great thing about the 9690SA is expandability. With SAS Expanders, it supports upto 128 drives. Try THAT with a standalone NAS system.

Oh and there's no OS due to the fact that you can run Linux (if you have the knowledge) or FreeNAS if you don't.
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