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you're SEVERELY overspecced with a 3770K + HD 6970. A 2500 with a gtx 650 Ti is more than enough for 1080p; a gtx 660 if you're picky about >60FPS. Assuming 1080p res of course.

don't worry about motherboard power's basically nothing. As well, if you're not overclocking, your choice of motherboard is moot providing the chipset offers enough ports for you and you don't need any special features.

for the PSU, personally, I just go with a reputable brand (silverstone/corsair) and count the number of plugs (as opposed to counting the wattages needed). If you're not going to overclock, this will be more than good enough.

for the RAM, it is REALLY, REALLY hard to make a bad buy.

basically, your performance needs are more than accounted for; go for aesthetics.

the maximus v gene is one purdy board ;D I've already used in a client build.
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