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Originally Posted by cekolmfao View Post
I3 is weak get an i5 3350P even , at that resolution 650 Ti is enough , or HD 7770 the CPU is more intensive.
Since i'm gonna use it for gaming I don't think i'll find it to be weak. The gaming performance of i3 is good enough... in most cases you can compare it to AMD's high end models.

Incase I was gonna encode and stuff I wud have considered the i5. For the price difference between the i3 and i5 I dont see myself getting a great improvement in gaming performance.

Check out the CPU comparision link in my signature.

Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
Of course the i3 is weaker than an i5. He is on a budget though. That said you could wait out on the ssd and use the saved cash to go to an i5 and add the ssd when money permits, vice possibly a CPU upgrade down the road. Your call on that one though. The i3 would be fast enough, but the i5 would be better.
Originally Posted by cekolmfao View Post
Your not gaming on full HD to make it more GPU intensive , so lower the graphic card and put in for an i5 or remove ssd that's like an upgrade not an necesity
I want the SSD since i'll be recording some gameplay. If necessary i'll upgrade the CPU in future. But I guess the CPU could keep up with the CPU reqs of the games of the next 2 years.

I have considered everthing and according to my requirements I find this build to be the best.
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