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My System Specs


Looks pretty good. You are doing the right thing by color coordinating it and putting it in an interesting case for her. Like as not she'll find the looks just as interesting as the specs. That mobo reviews quite well and the black and gold scheme would look good with red. It is fanless and it seems to have all of the features you need for an awesome price. I never really noticed before, but it seems that most of the boards with a red/black scheme are quite expensive. These days ram is ram (for the most part) so yeah, just going with something that is cheap and fits your colour scheme from a respectable manufacturer is fine.

For the PSU, since you are not putting too much hardware in the case I might consider going with something modular/semi-modular just to help make cable management easier. You could go with a TX550M which will give you: a 5 year warranty (instead of 3), the fan doesn't spin at low loads to remain silent, the sleeving is much better and it is semi modular. Plus it has a gold sticker to match your board :) It is $60 with a MIR at NCIX. Corsair Enthusiast Series TX550M 550W ATX Modular Power Supply Active PFC 120MM Fan 5 Year Warranty

For the SSD, yeah the vertex 4 is a good drive, and so are many others like the Samsung 830. Just take a look at a comparison chart and you'll see that many are very similar in terms of performance. I wouldn't commit to a specific drive, but just go with whatever is on sale when you order the parts.
Benchmark charts - AnandTech - Corsair Neutron & Neutron GTX: All Capacities Tested

If it won't be overclocked and will often be used for simple tasks like skype and netsurfing I would also suggest that you setup custom fan profiles for the cpu and gpu when you assemble and set it up. They often run much louder than they need to at idle.

Remember to search around and price match! You can usually save quite a bit that way.
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