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Originally Posted by MAK View Post
That's interesting.

You shouldn't get inconsistent memtest errors like that. The software is very good for troubleshooting.

Some thoughts (Most of these are very unlikely, but I'm curious):
- It may be a bad memory slot (defective, or plastic ends bent or broken)
- A bad connection from the memory slot to the motherboard (could be caused by using excessive force when inserting RAM chips)
- Dirty contacts between the memory slot and the RAM.
- Power issues: voltage supplied is not steady.

Most of the above we can dismiss. Questions:
- Do the memory sockets look clean? Bent pins?
- Examine the RAM gold connectors - any dirty contacts/smudges/deep scratches?

As I said, this is very very unlikely - the last time I had any type of memory issues like this was more than a decade ago. Today's RAM and motherboards are built well with much better quality control, and I can't think of why it would be seriously inconsistent like that. And you have an Intel motherboard and GSkill RAM - both good products.

I ran memtest on a PC upgrade last month (because I bought the old DDR2 RAM from eBay and I was suspicious), but had no issues at all.
Thanks Mak. I'll check the slots and contacts as you've suggested.
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