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My System Specs


Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
the CPU is fine for his needs, he isn't expecting to max every game out there he just wants to run it over 30fps on medium-high settings.
The problem that I forsee is that many of the socket 775 mobos are not ddr3 and thus you cannot get cheap 8 gigs of memory.

Also you said you want SSD. SSD kinda sucks without sata 6GB. That motherboard might not even have sata 2 ports being so old.

Also, acer motherboards aren't exactly top of the line, and socket 775 is old. Your capacitors run the risk of blowing out after so many years of use.

Upping to a brand new system is my best suggestion, and if you don't like the amd APU, you probably can configure an i3 system just as cheap with a budget video card.
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