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'grats on the new laptop!

Same thing happened to my old Toshiba. I couldn't find an exact sized replacement DC power jack, so I: took it apart, desoldered the power jack, soldered two short wires to where the power jack was and ran them out the side. On the other side of the wires I soldered on a DC jack from partsexpress. Then I used a little silicone adhesive where the wires were coming out of the old power jack holes so that if the "pigtail" wires got tugged, the adhesive would take the pressure instead of the solder/mobo. So the laptop had a 2" tail on it, but I got a few more years of use out of it for about $5 and an hour of my time.

Just be aware that there are different sized and types of DC power jacks. Make sure you get one that mates with your charger. If you take it apart and look at the old jack, you may get lucky and find an exact replacement for it. Would definitely be simpler and cleaner.

2.1mm Center Pin In-Line DC Jack 090-481
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