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My System Specs


Originally Posted by clone63 View Post
Well, depends what you mean by gaming. If you play anything current or taxing, I'd only consider the NP70.
Maybe the S56..
The 620M and 610M although sound decent being "nvidia", they're just integrated chipsets. Not too fancy. Good enough for anything 3 years old, or basic.
Not sure on the batteries.
I like ASUS, my current machine, no issues, gets abused. Heard good things about Samsung, so brands no big deal, I'd say.
I would argue integrated Intel GPU's with a i5-i7 outperform the value ended discrete GPU's by nvidia/ATI. They all look like good laptops for the price. I urge you to get a 3 year IPR from MemX... i've seen too many laptops mysteriously die after 1 year of basic regular use.
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