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Originally Posted by Bond007 View Post
I would say you would be fine with the 450w you had picked, but the xfx you have changed to is a great power supply and is powerful enough to handle a faster graphics card down the road if you upgrade your monitor and require more powerful graphics. The only thing I would say is 90gb is on the small side for an ssd. If you can manage it I would go for a 120gb version. The case is pretty basic as well, but I think its a fine case in your budget (nothing fancy, but it will work). Other cheaper cases if you want to look would be a haf912, or antec three hundred.
Yeah, the XFX PSU better. I am quite used to having 60-70GB memory on my system drive so i'll be able to manage with 90GB. And even if I ever record some gameplay on it I wud move it to the HDD. I have had a look at those cases but I like the one I have chosen :) Thanks again :)
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