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That's interesting.

You shouldn't get inconsistent memtest errors like that. The software is very good for troubleshooting.

Some thoughts (Most of these are very unlikely, but I'm curious):
- It may be a bad memory slot (defective, or plastic ends bent or broken)
- A bad connection from the memory slot to the motherboard (could be caused by using excessive force when inserting RAM chips)
- Dirty contacts between the memory slot and the RAM.
- Power issues: voltage supplied is not steady.

Most of the above we can dismiss. Questions:
- Do the memory sockets look clean? Bent pins?
- Examine the RAM gold connectors - any dirty contacts/smudges/deep scratches?

As I said, this is very very unlikely - the last time I had any type of memory issues like this was more than a decade ago. Today's RAM and motherboards are built well with much better quality control, and I can't think of why it would be seriously inconsistent like that. And you have an Intel motherboard and GSkill RAM - both good products.

I ran memtest on a PC upgrade last month (because I bought the old DDR2 RAM from eBay and I was suspicious), but had no issues at all.
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