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My System Specs


well unless you are looking at a fancier model, I have an MSI 7870 Twin Frozr III and 3 of my freinds have 7870 and 2 7850s we use a mix of the card I have and of the sapphire models(dual fan of course) for us here in Canada, MSI for thier warranty/return in country for the states lads Sapphire for same reason, we all get similar overclocking performance, similar temperatures though the sapphire 7870 is slightly better at both, a bit cooler, a bit quieter, a bit more overclockable.

As for the gigabyte one having lots of cooling because it has 3 fans, lol is all I can say. This is what they would like you to believe. I have read lots on them and previous gigabyte trifan cooled cards, and they always seem to have the same issue, more pronounced with overclocking(themselves or you) they tend to keep the core cooled really well, but the memory-Vreg are not, for them this is ok, cause they only have it warrantied for what 2 years? and I am sure there are well within spec, but that said tri-fan cooler is one of the noisier-least effective of the custom coolers used on the Radeon 7k lineup, its big, bulky, and doesnt work so well, kind of like ASUS DCII this round, last generations 5k and 6k were a very good cooler, and this time they fell on thier head :P
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