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Default It is an XFX board

Sorry if it's a bit late to add to this thread. I just passed by as I followed a Google-trail to some documentation.

The DELL F642F seems to be an XFX board with the DELL brand smacked on to it. The layout is literally 99% identical with its XFX counterpart.

I flashed mine with the latest XFX bios for he 790 chipset and it works fine. All options are unlocked and the board is running a water cooled Core2Quad Extreme with an FSB of 1872 (and a 1:1clock ratio on the memory).

Having said that, the original DELL BIOS did allow some degree of overclocking as the board was used in the factory-overclocked XPS 720 H2C model.

Note that if you do decide to flash it with the XFX BIOS, neither the DELL or XFX flash tool will allow you to revert to the original DELL BIOS.


- Jesper
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