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My System Specs


Originally Posted by YoungMan View Post
GPUs these days are using less power and outputting less heat for how much performance you get. As long as you have 2 fans, you're good to go. The main reason the single fans are bad is because of the noise; they need to ramp up the RPM to keep the card cool.
That's not always the case.

In practice After a good week or so spent with these models, we were able to reach several useful conclusions. At default clocks, ASUS’ model was slightly faster than Sapphire’s owing to its 50 MHz higher clock for the GPU. On the other hand, it also heated up more substantially, going up to 71 degrees Centigrade at times. Besides, the smaller, more aggressive fans made this model noticeably noisier. Take the latter statement with a grain of salt, as the card was still fairly quiet generally speaking, but it just couldn’t compare with the virtually silent Sapphire.
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