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Suggestion: check the configured screen resolution, maybe? Display drivers?

It could be that while you are loading windows it looks fine (low res screen) but then switches to a different frequency at the login screen (the configured display settings). If that is a frequency that your monitor cannot handle, you get a black screen.

I had this once on a flakey monitor; it would go black when the login screen showed up. I had to turn the monitor off/on then, and it would refresh and I could see the screen (very annoying). I ended up changing the display settings.

I don't know if in your safe mode you are using the same resolution. Try configuring the display driver with a lower resolution, a different refresh rate, etc...and rebooting into normal windows. Hope that helps.

It could be something wrong with the Display drivers. You could uninstall the display drivers (when in safe mode) and reinstall them from scratch.
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