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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
Trolling who ? 99% of peoples hate Windows 8, if I was trolling I will start a tread with " I love Windows 8" , or a tread on Apple vs PC

No, that would be an opinion that you have if you do it correctly, but it would piss a lot of people off, more like.

Trolling, redundant, do you have other qualification ? In case you don't notice I'm not the only one to hate what Microsoft did with Windows 8, I will say I'm part of the majority, but as usually we ear more the minority.

Fact still remains you still indicated that the Windows in WP8 should have actual Windows. You're confusing a brand with a UI technology/methodology.

Generic I hope you are more intelligent that this, Says the guy who did no reaseach before posting this thread I refer to the Metro apps no been able to run in windows. Metro isn't the entirety of Windows. Last I checked you could still have windows on the W8 desktop. Never mind you can still properly mutlitask - just no windowed applications. This is why I use a phone who can do it as example. My only experience with jelly beans is with a Galaxy Note 2, so this is not a lie, how should i know other jelly beans can't do this, see above comment aside this is not the point, Metro Apps are a major step back, this is what you should retain of my comment. So why didn't you say that instead of "OMG 'Jelly Beans' can do this WP8 why can't j00?!"

I can't believe how peoples can be so religious with Microsoft, Apple of course they can't do wrong.Nothing religious, just correcting your mistakes.
Not that I'm disagreeing with the original intent of the post, but there's something to be said for screen real-estate too, or lack thereof.
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