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Vinister, as much as one should brush it off, it is not just a case of plagiarism. Not only did they plagiarize but they also made other claims saying that it was a HIS card when it wasn't. How are we to know what other "proof" they have posted is true and accurate?

In my case, I used SKYMTL's pictures as almost a step by step guide in modding my own 4870 with the same aftermarket cooler. These sites actually mean a whole lot more than just an advertising schtick. They are supposed to be as unbiased reviews as possible giving us Joe-blows a chance to evaluate what to put into our units. If a site has been compromised, I need to know. Kinda like how I strongly believe Tom's Hardware has been compromised by NVidia (it took them FOREVER to review the 4800 series and it was a shoddy review compared to the GeForce 200 series).
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