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My System Specs


I am a bit of a silence freak and I love noctuas and have used their fans in a lot of builds. My CPU, Mobo and GPU are all liquid cooled, I only have SSDs and my PSU fan rarely kicks in, so my rad and case fans are the only thing making any noise at all. I recently switched my radiator fans to gentle typhoon 1150s and Corsair SP120 quiet edition fans. I run more radiator than I need specifically so that I can run slow, quiet fans and I am finding that the GTs and SPs are noticably louder than the Noctual P12s I was using (at 12v and even at 7v) and my temps are identical. Despite their horrible colour I just ordered 5 F12s to put on my radiators, but I still can't bring myself to use them where they are clearly visible. I must have 25+ different fans that I have tried (including many expensive ones), but to my ears, the noctuas are the quietest fans that put out a reasonable amount of air. I don't know if it's the actual SPL or just the frequency.

The only fan that has impressed me as much is the Fractal SSR2-140. I had bought a noctua P14 along with my array R2 so that I could replace the "crappy stock fan", but after testing both the fractal really is just as quiet and seems to move as much air as the noctua with both fans @ 800rpm, so I've got some SSR2-120s in the mail that should be arriving any day to test against the noctua F12s.

A few years ago I did take one apart and paint it and it looks so much better, though I don't know how the painted surface of the blades affects the air flow. I should have used matte black on the frame, but the green paint is UV active :) You can see it at the back of my spare rig. I may try this one one of my P12s and subjectively compare it to a non painted fan.

Also, I emailed Noctua one time just inquiring if they ever planned to sell different color schemed fans as theirs are horrible for windowed builds and here is their reply:

thank you for contacting Noctua.

I'm sorry, but it is rather unlikely that we'll change our colour scheme. However you could consider the fans from our sister brand Coolink-Europe.
Link: Coolink - the cooler manufacturer

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