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Trolling who ? 99% of peoples hate Windows 8, if I was trolling I will start a tread with " I love Windows 8" , or a tread on Apple vs PC

Trolling, redundant, do you have other qualification ? In case you don't notice I'm not the only one to hate what Microsoft did with Windows 8, I will say I'm part of the majority, but as usually we ear more the minority.

Generic I hope you are more intelligent that this, I refer to the Metro apps no been able to run in windows. This is why I use a phone who can do it as example. My only experience with jelly beans is with a Galaxy Note 2, so this is not a lie, how should i know other jelly beans can't do this, aside this is not the point, Metro Apps are a major step back, this is what you should retain of my comment

I can't believe how peoples can be so religious with Microsoft, Apple of course they can't do wrong.

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