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Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
Why it will be trolling ? on a phone may be not, but Microsoft can't even do it on a tablet or a desktop metro apps., aside what I try to point is that Android or Samsung , whatever who was capable to give us app in window and re sizable, Microsoft can't do it with their Metro apps, that,S is the point nothing trolling here, aside of may be not please a religious Windows 8 lovers.
for one, you keep saying it's jellybean providing these features. that is an outright lie.

for two, you keep saying windows 8 doesn't have windows. that is an outright lie. WP7/8 don't have windows support (guess what....NO stock OS provides this - not even all samsung phones have it for that matter). windows 8 itself has all the windows support of win7.

pretending lies are the truth = trolling.

there's a difference between being a zealot and not wanting misinformation to be spread.
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