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Originally Posted by NyteOwl View Post
I was talking to the guys in the local computer shops the week before Christmas. In the last couple of months they have Win7 10:1 over Win 8 for either custom builds or as separate buys. Microsoft may feel the final vote at the bottom line - which is really about the only way to get their attention.
Right now I have Windows 8 Enterprise Edition newly installed (2 days ago). Never had such a flawless install experience...just had to get one driver to install (Fresco Logic USB 3.0 driver...found it in 2 seconds). Found and installed my Canon wireless printer as well, and joined my Homegroup without me having to input the password. This makes two Windows 8 machines, plus a Win7 machine here on my network now.

BUT (and folks won't like this I'm sure) I did promptly install Start8 and I did pay the $5 for my laptop. I will report if I ever have any issues, as this is now on my laptop which I use often.

So far a positive experience, aside from having to use Start8. All my programs seem to work fine so far.
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