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Originally Posted by enaberif View Post
Except isn't that why it was developed and called Windows in the first place :P
Indeed it was, but I still don't believe that Microsoft should be forced to do only window-designs just because thair brand is named "Windows". :P

And @OP. What do you mean by "can't use windows anymore?" You were never able to use windows in any Windows Phone design. You could in Windows Mobile I think(?), but that was a different thing altogether. In that way, Windows Phone works a lot like Apple iOS which people worship like there was no tomorrow. I have a Windows Phone 7.5 device and if there is one thing I can do it is to recommend Windows Phone to anybody who wants to listen. It is by far the best mobile experience I've ever had.

Originally Posted by botat29 View Post
And it's why a lot of peoples are returning their Surface too, they can run regular Windows Apps on a Windows RT, when of course as not computer literate they was expecting so.
Of course they can't, it's a tablet. It's not Microsoft's fault that people don't do their homework before they mindlessly toss their money at the nearest electronics store.

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