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Originally Posted by sa seba View Post
How about a fresh and barebone windows install without flash and the such to eliminate any 3rd party fuckery?
Adobe Flash used to give me some nice lock ups.
Originally Posted by EmptyMellon View Post
terrybear, I might have missed it, but looking over your past relevant posts (to this issues), I have not seen you listing your mobo's BIOS version. At the moment the revision is at 1604 (for the ASUS M5A99X Evo - ASUS - Motherboards- ASUS M5A99X EVO), I would highly recommend for your to flash your BIOS and other relevant mobo subsystems (Audio, Chipset, LAN) for a good measure. In my experience, my M5A99X Evo did become more stable during the occasional OC, even though I don't push mine into the extremes plus I am still running a 1090T.
I am running the 1604 bios yes ....

I have so far figured out the locking up was occuring cause of as you mentioned sa, flash ... i re-downloaded & installed the latest one & the issue of lockups has been resolved.

Currently 4.5 ghz 22.5x multi @ 1.4v's (fluxuates around 1.39v) ...... Heats never the issue, never seen it in game testing or "catzilla" go over 42c ..
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