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My System Specs


well, I personally do not use afterburner cause I have had it cause numerous crashes on me, so I use Sapphire Trix instead(for an MSI 7870 no less) it may not have quite as much going for it, but is simple and to the point.

Also just a suggestion, do not leave the gpu fan on auto according to temp-or at least have very few stages for the ramping. I have had 2 gpus that thier cooling fan gave out on them cause the ramping was to aggressive to often, the ramping can cause cavitation on the bearings in the fan because of the speed shifting and can cause them to prematurely fail-wear out.

You would be better to have the fan spin up to a certain speed and stay there, or at least certain % and stay there maybe 3 ramp points something like 25%-45%-75% or something like that, just a sugggestion is all.

I don`t know about anyone else, but I much prefer a constant noise then to have no noise to a blast of noise.
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