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My System Specs


Yep I used one SSID for the 5GHz and one for the 2.4GHz (conveniently labelled ____2 and ____5). It's mainly so I know which one I'm connecting to. For now I've taken down the 5GHz network since all the devices that used to use it are on powerline Ethernet and the rest are mobile devices.

If you have more than three neighbours with a WiFi enabled device in your neighbourhood / block, just assume the 2.4GHz is jammed (given that there's only 3 non-overlapping channels that you're allowed to use in Canada) and do as much with the 5GHz as you can. Scan with inSSIDer which 5GHz channel is free, set your 5GHz to that one, and put all the devices you can on that one. I just let my home server do the major downloads (e.g. I run a Bittorrent with web client on it), and that's wired to the router with Ethernet.

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