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Another hobbyist with an Intel motherboard here

Originally Posted by Papawolf View Post
In the computer, it showed as about 2.7TB available storage.
Don't forget there's a difference between TiB and TB. The drive manufacturers use TB because they can make the space look higher for marketing, while most OS use TiB but still call it "TB". Converting 3TB to TiB:
3x10^12 / (1024*1024*1024*1024) = 2.728
So the 2.7 "TB" (should be TiB) value is correct. There's also a minimal amount of space (at least relative to your hard drive space) taken up by the GPT and whatever backend stuff your filesystem has.

For the boot problem, I second MAK's suggestion - you could've ESD zapped or knocked loose a RAM stick while you were installing the hard drive. I say first try re-seating your RAM (remove the stick from your computer, then re-install it). If that doesn't work, you'll likely have to start stripping your computer to its bare minimum to boot which is CPU, motherboard, one RAM stick, and PSU. Don't forget to remove all USB devices and peripherals - my pesky Intel motherboard has boot problems when there's a USB hard drive attached for instance.
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