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My System Specs


Did you try any dedicated stress tests? Since you have Afterburner you should be able to use its counterpart, Kombustor to check what's going on. Kombustor also displays temperatures when it runs.

1) You shouldn't have to do this at all. (Actually changing BIOS on the video card is one of the ways to void your warranty.) Since you have Afterburner open, does it crash when it reaches a certain temperature? If not you'll want to look into PSU or drivers.
2) Use GPU-Z to check the amount of memory the video card has. Turning down the settings should have almost no impact on your problem, since you'll just push more FPS and end up with the same problem anyway. (If turning down the settings does help, you may want to check if it's actually your CPU or other hardware.) If you want to reduce power consumption of the video card, you can use VSYNC since that will limit you to 60FPS or whatever your monitor is set to.
3) Possibly

On your edit: Again, GPU-Z to read stats of video card - won't be surprised if Logitech's LCD software has bugs.
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