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Originally Posted by Perineum View Post
You sure you want Windows Vista? It's pretty awful.

I played with the developer preview, but just used a retail copy last night and it really pissed me off to no end. When it takes me 10 minutes to figure out how to shut the machine down then that's just ludicrous.
Fixed that for you. Truth is, 10 minutes to learn such a foreign UI is actually not bad. It didn't take long for Vista to become a great OS. An OS that paved the way for 7's easy win.

Thus, it is so (more or less) with 8. New OS new interface, which BTW M$ will eventually change so desktop users aren't encumbered by the touch screen shenanigans. Yes, I would like to save 50% off the OS now while I can.

It's a fact that 7/Vista will not have further DX support going forward (DX 11+) I am a gamer. So, yes, in I want Windows 8. Or rather what it does/will bring to the table in the future. Faster boot times? Yes Please. On demand services? Lower resources? Wow! A less bloated OS that people have wanted for years. We got it.

But because you have to take a different road to get to where you want to go, your willing to throw the bath water out with the baby? Admittedly, M$ screwed up by alianating non touch screen users. But they will remedy that. And even if they don't you can go to stardock and for 5 bucks get that functionality back.

There are plenty of desktop users that once have learned the new UI have grown to really like it. You may not, heck I don't see myself 'loving' it. But as I said, I am a gamer. Once BF3 is loaded, I don't care about the start button much as I take your tags.
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