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If the 3TB hard drive worked and you were able to copy to it, then I don't see how that could be an issue. Either a mobo and the OS does not like the 3TB drive and fails to see it (or sees it as a MAX 2TB drive), or it will work. And you did fine by formatting it as GPT.

Another instability could be from insufficient power; but your PSU looks OK. If it was causing issues, you'd have seen it starting the moment the new hard drive went in.

So I'd guess it is the RAM.

Here's a bunch of reviews from NewEgg, and in it quite a few people mentioned that the RAM became unusable in a few months.

Try removing one of the two sticks (if your motherboard allows that) to see if it will work and try each one individually. Swap the two RAM sticks (I guess you tried this already) and reseat them and see if they will post.
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