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Like every company there is good and bad. I bought one of their 32GB USB3 sticks and I have had it replaced 5 times..... I admit that particular product is bad. That being said I am quite happy with their RAM, Power supplies, Hydro series, mice. The keyboard was cheaped out on but is still a solid enough product that I don't dislike it.

They replace everything I have had RMAed with no issues and are quick about it. Wish they had a RMA location in Canada so it was not so much to ship large parcels to them. Its how they treat you when it fails and corsair does a excellent job about it.

All that aside, who are you buying from that you are not getting 30 day store warranty at least? if it was that much of a issue I would have taken it back to the store got a new one and walked back out...or free shipping back.... not that big of a deal.
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