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My System Specs


Grab the dell and be very happy, great customer support and warranty to boot.
I'm actually surprised that ips is in your price range, I paid MUCH more for my u2311h, though that was near 2 years ago now.

Basically what you want to look at is what is more important for you.. smoothness in games / fast action on screen vs colour reproduction & image quality

Having compared the 2 side by side my choice will always be an IPS screen, it's just better for much more of the time.
That said if gaming (especially fast-paced games) are your go to thing then a 120hz TN panel may be the choice for you. It is noticeably smoother than 60hz and the response times help some too.

As for resolution, 1920x1200 (16:10) is far far superior for everything bar movie watching(just adds some more letter-boxing).
Unfortunately your looking at 24" ips panels for the most part to reach it and they are a fair bit more expensive (though this is going from memory, have a look around)

24" 1920x1200 would be my go-to monitor of choice but only if you can justify the extra cost.
That said a 27" 2560x1440 is about the same price if your willing to look at the catleaps, though both are probably over your budget
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