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Default Considering the jump to 7.1. Assistance required!

Hey fellow sound enthusiasts! Hope you've all had a great holiday season. Now, to the business at hand...
I'm 99% certain that I'm going to make the jump to 7.1 on my PC. However, I am really uncertain of which soundcard to get. I am stuck between the Asus Xonar Essence and the Phoebus. I mainly use my PC for gaming so I feel the Phoebus would be the better buy, but I can't tell if it does 7.1 or only 5.1. If there are better options out there, please feel free to make suggestions.
Also, I am looking for a nice pair of headphones to go along with the new card. Being that the Razer Tiamat are currently the only 7.1 set on the market, I am thinking that is the logical choice as well. I have heard mixed things regarding these, so I would like to hear your thoughts on them.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and, once again, enjoy the holidays!
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