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Thanks for all the responses! Makes me feel better that there is actually something going on and not just a DFU problem on my part. Now, this is kind of new territory for me. I tried googling the problem and found the suggestions for 'ComboFix' but googling that I got into that 'free' scanner which I dont trust as sswilson states. But I don't really know what ComboFix is specifically addressing. Do you have any links for me?

Also I've really not dealt with proxy or DNS settings directly so I'm not sure I would be able to tell if something is fishy or not. Also for services, again I've brushed by it a few times in the past but don\t really know what to look for. Starting to feel like a newb again. :-)

[edit]not sure I can check processes as task manager wont run[/edit]

Thanks again!
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