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Default Am I dealing with a virus here?

Over at my sister-in-laws and she asked me to look at her toshiba lappy. It wasn't doing much of anything and they couldn't get it to boot. I muddled around with it and got it booting just fine but TBH I really never found the exact reason for the problem. Though I'm not sure if this is related to the problem I'm asking about or not.

They run IE and using the computer there was a bunch of junk an popups coming up but it doesn't look like popups should (if that makes sense). Wanting to do my own surfing without all the extra crap I wanted to install google chrome - since all my bookmarks will be there, etc.. According to IE everything 'google' is dead and I get a 404 error with a "nginx" signature below that. Finally found it from another site and got a clean chrome going and it still has the same popups and all google sites are still dead. Looking at the address bar where google appears to work in IE shows the is an extra bit, shows as "". Never seen that before. FWIW google works just fine on any other device in the house.

I thought maybe AVG was acting up. I put in on here a while ago before it got all bloatty, so I uninstalled it and put on MSE. Its what I use for the time being as it seems fairly clean. Anyway, it shows it installed and does a scan and shows nothing but it also doesn't show in the taskbar on the lower right and TBH I cant find anything of it to show it ever really installed. I tried a free online malware scanner and it installed and scanned and showed there were about 6 instances of trojans and worms but when I go to clean it asks me to purchase it. So hard to say I trust it found anything real as it just may be a ploy to purchase their software. I downloaded an MS malware scanner and when I click on it to install it doesn't do anything.

So opinions? Is it some malware/virus or is there some other direction I should be looking?
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