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Default Is it worth it to upgrade my HD6970 2GB?

Hi guys,

I currently have the option of shelling out $150 for a very slightly used GTX 670 2GB card. I currently own the Radeon HD 6970 2GB (Asus SKU), and I'm not entirely sure if it's pulling me back or not. What I've noticed is that during a lot of game cutscenes or certain panning shots in-game, the graphics will stutter ever so slightly but noticeably. I've noticed this in nearly all of my games (e.g. Shogun 2, Rage, Skyrim etc.). I can't be sure if perhaps my cpu is the culprit, or maybe my 6970 is having trouble pushing 1920x1200 (I'd have said it shouldn't have any trouble at all).

So, looking at my spec (i5-750, 8GB ram, and 6970 2GB card), do you think I'd get my money's worth if I were to switch over to nVidia 670 2GB? Or should I simply wait a few months and build an entirely new rig with an updated CPU?

At $150, it's right at the tipping point for me - not so much that I will flat out refuse, but still enough dough for me to demand noticeable improvement.

Thanks for reading!!!
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