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My System Specs


Originally Posted by magictorch View Post
Yeah its very difficult to make a call. The Wc card looks pretty damn good though although the 4870 has a lot of room to grow in cf while the 4870X2 will likely be a better performer at stock. Theres some game issues to tackle first-stuttering, crashing.

Also I know the BFG card you linked to is an OC version but its the first rung in the ladder of the OC versions. There will be an OC2-perhaps better binned again and probably another extreme version OCX. The WC versions youve linked to is probably the best core of the bunch. I bought an 8800 BFG OC GTX and was not overly happy with its shader overclocking ability cw with other cards. That got me wondering if they were sorting cards by ability into the various oc groups.
If I got it, I'd probably go with the WC version.

I mean, the 4870 X2 is going to be in the $600 range, plus a waterblock from EK ($120) so that's $720 + tax + shipping (NCIX) and we're near the $800 range. While the BFG WC Model look like it has pretty sweet clocks, a great waterblock and can max out the games I play for about $600 (all in).

So that's a $200 dollar difference for the extra performance that I might not even perceive.
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