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Originally Posted by zlojack View Post
Well, the card I linked seems to be the OC model, unless it's an error by NCIX.

This card is also pretty sweet, with a Danger Den pure copper block on it. Warranty intact because of no heatsink removal and including the Trade Up program (for the new 55nm core, if it proves to be a better performer).

Definitely going to rethink my stance on this card, though at the end of the day, the Crossfire factor may come into play. The 4870 X2 will play my games at 100% maxed out settings at 1920x1200, as will the GTX 280, but in the future, if something new comes out that causes the 4870 X2 to need some extra help, I could add another one, or a 4870 and get more, while the GTX 280 would be it.
Yeah its very difficult to make a call. The Wc card looks pretty damn good though although the 4870 has a lot of room to grow in cf while the 4870X2 will likely be a better performer at stock. Theres some game issues to tackle first-stuttering, crashing.

Also I know the BFG card you linked to is an OC version but its the first rung in the ladder of the OC versions. There will be an OC2-perhaps better binned again and probably another extreme version OCX. The WC versions youve linked to is probably the best core of the bunch. I bought an 8800 BFG OC GTX and was not overly happy with its shader overclocking ability cw with other cards. That got me wondering if they were sorting cards by ability into the various oc groups.
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