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Yes, Win7 64 bits on that rig for OS.
My only worry is that the GA-965P-DS3 had SATA controllers that aren't exactly as interesting as the newer ones.
The Gigabyte RAID controller is a little crappy from what I hear.


On the storage side, this motherboard has a total of six SATA-300 ports, four provided by the south bridge (ICH8) and two provided by a ”Gigabyte SATA2“ chip, which is a relabeled JMicron JMB363 chip (see Figure 3). The ports controlled by the chipset do not support RAID, as the south bridge used is ICH8 and not ICH8R, however the two ports controlled by the JMicron chip supports RAID0, RAID1 and JBOD
I'll just try to get everything working off the ICH8, install INTEL RST drivers and hopefully AHCI will be available. Hopefully, everything will go smoothly (never does lolz)...
It's been a long time since I tampered with this thing's BIOS.
I tried to flash the BIOS to the latest version (from 2009) and I haven't managed to get it done yet.

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